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With our planning software Link2 you can effortlessly ensure the best and smartest planning of your field services. In an instant, you can send the right people to the assignment, with the right skills at the right time, with the right equipment. The result? A higher return, satisfied clients, a high first time right rate and optimal use of the available employees.

Employee scheduling

You send available employees with the right skills and the required materials in their van to a job and you can easily update this during the day if necessary.

Track and trace

You can see at a glance which employees are where and who can best be sent to a job in the area.

Digital work orders

The work orders are signed directly by clients via Link2 and are therefore immediately ready for invoicing.

Planning recurring maintenance

By automatically planning recurring maintenance, clients are attended to on time and nothing is forgotten.


Automatically send a message upon departure to the client and a confirmation of the work thereafter.

Portal for the end client

Via a Link2 web environment, your client can easily request support and immediately see the status of the request.

Information for managers

By connecting data in a well-arranged dashboard, you always have important information directly at hand.

Registration of hours for salaries

Link2 provides the necessary input for accurate salary payments, for example by clearly marking overtime.

Connecting to external software

Link2 connects with every ERP system and can easily be connected to all your stock, scheduling and other business systems.

Authorization roles

You simply set the rights and restrictions of each employee.


Employees head out with a clear checklist so that that they do not forget anything and immediately digitize the completion of the list.

Employee's skills insightful

You easily keep track of the skills of each employee, so that you always send a knowledgeable colleague to the client.

Internet of Things

By allowing devices to communicate with Link2, they are read out immediately and faults are converted effortlessly to a technician appointment.

Quality control

By working in a structured way via Link2, with a checklist, among other things, you monitor the quality of service to clients.

Contract management

Contracts with periodic agreements are easily created and managed in Link2, so you always have direct insight into existing agreements with clients and relations.

Route optimization

Employees take the most efficient route to every job and therefore have shorter travel times and drive less kilometres.


You fill in the work schedule easily and clearly with available employees who meet the right conditions.

Equipment scheduling

Available scarce equipment is reserved for appointments and the system indicates when this is no longer available.

Stock registration

Link2 keeps track of which equipment is used on a job

Insight into installation base

You have a clear overview of all installations that are present at a client or at a specific location.

Time registration

The hours worked by colleagues are easily and conveniently recorded in Link2, including travel time and breaks.

Looking for a more efficient workflow?

Don't hesitate to contact us. Together, we can identify possible improvements in your workflow. Request a free meeting over phone and find out if Link2 is the right fit for your organization!

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