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We live in a fast-changing world but many Facility Managers believe that facility is lagging. There are plenty of new opportunities to resolve challenges in the form of technological innovations, such as sensors, robots and data, for example. Societal change is also an influencing factor. An important factor is the arrival of the ‘digital’ generation, of Gen Y, on the shop floor. Way2Connect’s solutions anticipate these challenges.

Facility management

1. Monitoring tools

Customers always like to carry out some form of monitoring. At the same time, they also want to be relieved of the hassle, but there are very few good tools for monitoring Facility Management work.

2. Partnership with the customer

In the ideal model for outsourcing by the customer, the facility provider becomes the customer’s partner. This integration is complicated, however, by the bad mutual communication between many software systems.

3. Proof of quality

Many facility companies lack the data for monitoring processes and giving customers an insight into their successes. A customer satisfaction survey, that is carried out once-yearly or every two years, only provides a limited insight.

4. The labour market

Hiring and retaining good facility workers is a real challenge. It is vital that you create a working environment that offers the expected technological comfort, especially now that the ‘digital’ generation or Generation Y is entering the job market.

Ontdek jouw efficiënte buitendienst.

Find out here which branch-specific solutions you can use to make your company work more efficiently and optimally:

  • Object management
  • Rostering
  • Time registration
  • Digital forms
  • Management information
  • Contract management
  • Online portal
  • Quality control
  • Link with software