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Construction is synonymous with organisation. A building project has many stakeholders, interests, subprojects and phases. The client, the contractor, subcontractors, the environment. Provisional and final specifications. Plans, planning schedules, milestones, certifications, reports. Thanks to Way2connect’s solutions you always keep a clear overview in real-time. Regardless of where you are, and when you are checking.

The main challenges for
the construction industry

1. Quality and cost control

The different phases of building projects, the involvement of multiple stakeholders and chain partners, price fluctuations of raw materials: it’s not always easy to keep tabs on quality and costs.

2. Regulations, inspections and certifications

Safety, quality, sustainability and aesthetics in construction involve lots of rules, inspections and certifications. Keeping a clear and up-to-date overview of their relevance for the building project is therefore crucial.

3. Planning

A good project planning schedule is vital to manage the project and achieve project milestones and forecasts.

4. The labour market

There is a big shortage of workers in the construction industry. Many craftsmen retrained and left the industry during the crisis and the scarce new talent is still training for the job. The available capacity must be used as efficiently as possible.

Ontdek jouw efficiënte buitendienst.

We optimise and digitise the processes within your construction company. All the solutions listed below have been specifically developed for construction companies to increase efficiency and improve your performance, so the end customer stands to benefit:

  • Project planning
  • Resource planning
  • Inspection forms
  • ATW
  • Digital work orders
  • Time registration
  • Material planning
  • Customer portal
  • Management information
  • Link with your software