” First, it was not clear who did what and there was no clear view of the schedule

In addition to the uncertainty about which activities were carried out by which technicians, there was also uncertainty about the components. JVM Europe did not use an installed base at the time and could not properly register which parts were replaced and which ones were not. There was also no insight into where parts were placed. As a result, systems were often serviced too early and parts replaced unnecessarily.

Due to a lot of administrative actions, the company started searching for an additional software solution. A software package that could be added to Synergy and which could optimize the field service. Other wishes and requirements included the reduction of administrative procedures and providing insight into the installed base.

At the end, JVM Europe choose Way2connect with its field service management system. Way2connects’ software could be connected to the current software for a one-time, single data entry. Also, the administrative actions were significantly reduced and there was one clear schedule, central in the Netherlands. Now, there is clear insight into the daily schedule of the technicians and the work tasks performed.

The software of Way2connect did not only gave insight into the field service and work tasks, but also into the systems’ installation data. Way2connect has implemented an installed base with a CMDB integration. Due to this, the company now has an overview of where its parts are placed and when they need to be replaced. All components are now registered before being placed in an installation.

“All components are now, thanks to the software, registered before being placed”

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