“The chance of repeated malfunctions is greatly reduced

The work orders were sent back to the headquarters in Heeze by post – usually only once a week. “There was no overview or concrete method, let alone insight into our current inventory. So, a working solution was badly needed, not least because it became increasingly difficult to schedule appointments for the technicians.” continues Lemmens.

“We want to log in at module level and not just at machine level. Many of our machines are built modularly, allowing one module to be deployed in multiple machines” adds Lemmens. Only Way2connect from Etten-Leur proved to meet all the needs. “This made the decision easy.” said the manager.

In the solution, the field service management system is central. The planning application offers a clear and flexible layout for planning, it is responsible for import and export of digital work orders and provides continuous communication with our service technicians, currently equipped with PDAs. The software of Way2connect also runs on the PDAs.

Ad hoc changes can be processed immediately and are available on the technicians’ PDAs. “In addition, we can now accurately disclose what needs to be done and what a service technician has to watch for.” Activities can be manually assigned by drag and drop. Thanks to the automatic planning and GPS in the PDAs, activities can also be allocated based on, for example, availability, geographical data and the necessary equipment and materials.

“ This way of working is significantly faster, more efficient and cost-effective.
And just as important, our service level has increased even further

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