“Our invoicing process has been shortened by 90%

Way2connect’s software has brought many savings to Ceulemans, like the time field technicians spend at the office, which turned out to be one of the largest cost savings for the company. Before, technicians would make weekly visits to the office to collect their paper work orders for the week.


Not only were the field service processes at Ceulemans optimized, but some office processes as well. Today, there is real time access to technicians’ scheduling, enabling proactive planning. In addition, planners have a better grip on the schedule because faster reaction to changes is now possible.

If one technician should run behind the scheduled work times, a colleague can step in. If a technician gets ahead of schedule, a planner can check to see if there are other jobs nearby. “As a company, we are simply more productive using the software of Way2connect. Travel times are down by a lot and there is less geographical time loss.”, says Eric.

“Thanks to the software and the digitization of our work orders, we can send the invoice to customers the day after work is done.”, according to Eric. In the past, it could take five days for the work orders to get back to the office and another week would pass before invoices finally went out. The software shortened Ceulemans’ invoice processing time by 90%!

“I was greatly surprised how well our technicians dealt with the change from paper to digital

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