Successful processes
are created by
your people
Improvement starts
with empathy

About us

Way2connect was established because we know we can improve the digital support of field service and workflow. It is unsurprising, given the many different markets, organisations, customers, challenges and views. And yet, most solutions are still based on uniform processes. We always start by learning about the processes, getting to know them inside and out. The objectives, the routing, people’s roles in the process, the risks and the opportunities for improvement. Then we take a step back and take a fresh look at everything, from the outside in. It works. We create innovative software solutions that make people and processes more effective, linking them. So that organisations are able to achieve their KPIs more efficiently. It’s that simple. Because we care about our customers and their customers. Improvement starts with empathy.

Who we are

At Way2connect everything revolves around “understanding”. Understand and then be understood, that is what our company culture is founded on. Our employees are people who listen: to our customers, to the partners we work with and to each other. We know our customers, and their challenges. Our employees are driven, enthusiastic, competent and reliable. We believe in the power of field service and workforce management and the opportunities to add value to them with the right software solutions. We enjoy working with our customers, who are our partners in this. Taking an analytical, logical and often ground-breaking approach. With fresh and innovative solutions.

Why we do this

We want to help organisations run a very tight ship. To make the most of their potential. And we always strive to include their employees in this endeavour. How do they work? How do they think? How can we make processes more efficient and make people enjoy their job even more? So employees can focus more on their core tasks, have more time for their customers, are even more motivated, and deliver an even better performance. Working with our customers in this way, achieving successes together: that is what we love most.

Working at Way2connect

Way2connect employs people with a strong drive to improve, innovate, be a pioneer. The ambience at work is informal, casual, independent and responsible. Are you a professional who always goes that extra mile, then you’ll definitely feel like a fish in water with us.